Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) with Pete Behrens

Increasing complexity and the pace of change require a new mindset and approach to leadership.

Today’s workplace is a fast-paced “race” on a complex and uncertain global field. Traditional leadership thinking and practices are failing to meet today’s challenges. Leader’s must more effectively engage employees, foster creativity, speed delivery and mitigate risk to outpace the competition. Innovation is the only competitive barrier remaining.

This workshop focuses on the leader’s own awareness and capacity to effectively guide and grow their organization’s capacity.

It is the first step – the AHA! – in the leader’s journey toward improved performance and outcomes.

What’s happening in this workshop

Share in a historical perspective of organizational development and leadership providing a current global context that is driving the need for agility.

Learn a Leadership Agility Maturity Model that fosters self-awareness of their own leadership maturity and discovers more agile thinking and behaviors.

Explore agile leadership mindset and behaviors of leaders at varying maturity levels to reflect on leadership traits in our own leadership and in others.

Practice a 5-step catalyst conversation technique to positively impact every aspect of our work (and personal) life – engaging others without micromanaging them.

Explore organizational culture and structures and how they impact organizational agility, speed, innovation and collaboration.

Evaluate multiple case studies of real organizations with different cultures applying different structures to drive effective and sustaining change with positive results.

Reflect and share participant organizational cultures and structures in comparison to these case studies and other participant models.

Practice a 5-step organizational change approach (V2MOM) to guide effective and sustained change.

Veranstaltung ist auf Englisch. Alle Materialien und Handouts sind in Englisch

Ihre Coaches
Pete Behrens
Christoph Lukas

Zum Event

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Early Bird: SFr. 2’200.00 ( Endet am 18. August 2019)
Swiss ICT: SFr. 2’200.00
Regular: SFr. 2’480.00

Was: Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) with Pete Behrens
Wann: Mo, 30.09.2019 08:30 Uhr - Di, 01.10.2019 17:00 Uhr
Stadt: Zürich
Zugang: Mo, 30.09.2019 08:00

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