Certified Scrum Product Owner with Peter Stevens

Create great products with your Scrum Team!

How do you know if this workshop is for you? Would you like to…

  • Fulfill your product and schedule commitments?
  • Convert your project to Scrum or Agile?
  • Achieve higher team performance, happier stakeholders, and more engaged staff?
  • Transition from a Business Analyst or Project Manager role?
  • Understand or fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Product Owner role?

    This course is ideal for you if:

  • Poor requirements make it hard to get things done
  • You and your and team are juggling too many projects
  • You are not sure what the customer really wants
  • Your timelines shift and interruptions are frequent
  • Your team is complaining about the User Stories and/or the Product Backlog
  • You are not getting the quality or the performance you want from your Agile team
  • You’d like work to be more fun

    This workshop…

  • Is a two-day interactive, face-to-face workshop about creating great products
  • Is taught by Peter Stevens, an active Product Owner
  • Is not a repeat of the Scrum Master class
  • Does not put you through “death by PowerPoint”

    By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Infuse new energy and new ideas into your Scrum project!
  • Recognize and address systemic obstacles to achieving your goals
  • Lead your team as product owner through every step of the development process, “from idea to done”
  • Validate with your customers and stakeholders that you are building the right product
  • Collaborate effectively with your team
  • Create user stories and prioritize the Product Backlog effectively
  • Predict when your product will be ready
  • Deliver Value frequently and reliably to your stakeholders
  • Serve as a Product Owner in your team
  • Qualify for Certification as a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner®
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    Was: Certified Scrum Product Owner with Peter Stevens
    Wann: Do, 04.06.2020 09:00 Uhr - Fr, 05.06.2020 17:30 Uhr
    Stadt: Zürich

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