LAS Academy: The Versatile Organization with the unFIX Model – with Jurgen Appelo

What comes after Management 3.0, SAFe, and the Spotify Model? Well, it’s not hard to see in which direction the world is moving: organizations that consist of networked individuals who work from anywhere, who form teams on the fly, who focus on the customer experience (CX), who aim for objectives and achieve results, and make that a whole lotta fun for themselves. Let’s unFIX our organizations!

More details:


Mid-level employees such as functional managers, product managers, coaches, consultants, team leaders, HR team members, change agents


  • The increase of dynamic reteaming
  • The challenge of hybrid workplaces
  • The blending of OKRs and KPIs
  • Habit-forming and gamification
  • Organization design with unFIX

Learning Objectives

  • What are the post-pandemic challenges in the workplace?
  • How can we perform well with stable and flexible teams?
  • How do existing methods and frameworks need to adapt?
  • How do we motivate teams in post-pandemic workplaces?
  • How do we boost and measure performance in the future?


Some familiarity with agile and lean methods and principles in general. Deep experience is not necessary, but we won’t be explaining basic concepts such as value streams, feedback cycles, and continuous improvement.

Pioneers wanted: In this workshop, we are pioneers exploring important questions. We won’t have all the answers yet. But for sure, we make some crucial steps toward the future of work.


The LAS Academy is the surrounding program of this year’s LAS Conference on June 23, 2022. In addition, selected seminars and workshops will take place on the days surrounding the conference. These are not included in the conference ticket and can be booked here.

Was: LAS Academy: The Versatile Organization with the unFIX Model – with Jurgen Appelo
Wann: Di, 21.06.2022 09:00 Uhr - Mi, 22.06.2022 17:00 Uhr
Stadt: Zürich
Zugang: Di, 21.06.2022 08:30

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