Lugano Business Forum

The two-day event will convene industry leaders, innovators, investors, and government officials from across Europe, with a primary focus on Switzerland and Ukraine and join experts and real projects from:
– EnergyTech & Manufacturing
– FoodTech
– Digital, FinTech & IT
– HealthTech & Biotech
– Construction & Development
– Venture Capital & Startups
– Mining & Raw Materials

The topics of the IT Sector will be:
1. Ukrainian IT at war
Ukrainian IT Industry – overview, influence of the war and future perspectives
How the industry and the IT companies in Ukraine were preparing for the possible risks, building plans and went through this rough year.

2. Backup plan in action
When contingency plans DO trigger in reality
What exactly was the winning strategy to insure business continuity in real life full scale invasion?

3. Cyber Security – real world challenges
Cyber attack as part of modern Hybrid warfare
Nowadays war is not only heavy weaponry and high-tech hardware, but also digital offensive campaigns of various nature. Reflections of experts and entrepreneurs.

4. Ai : life changer or real danger?
Change that rapid AI development brings to industries
Let’s ride the hype and try to answer one of the hottest tech related questions today.

5. Wartime fundraising
How startups go through crisis caused by invasion
What are the chances to survive for startups from the country under attack?

Zum Event
Was: Lugano Business Forum
Wann: Do, 11.05.2023 12:00 Uhr - Fr, 12.05.2023 16:00 Uhr
Stadt: Lugano
Zugang: Do, 11.05.2023 10:00

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