Was: Security Conference Limmat’Hack
Wo: The Circle, Convention Center, Zürich Airport
Von: Di, 18.06.2024 13:15
Bis: Di, 18.06.2024 18:00
Zugang: Di, 18.06.2024 12:45

Security Conference Limmat’Hack

This conference offers two speaker tracks with international security experts and time for networking with your peers from Swiss companies aiming for more Cyber Security.

Our sponsors: Tenable, Kaspersky, Splunk, Microsoft, Vectra, Airlock, Cybereason, SentinelOne, Elastic, Fortinet, PwC, Threatray.

Registration needed but free of charge – open for cyber security professionals, security enthusiasts, CISOs, analysts, cyber engineers etc.

As a highlight for technically interested visitors, a defense oriented CTF (Capture the Flag) challenge will take place in cooperation with Microsoft. Participants will take on the role of a cyber security analyst who is faced with a complex security threat and must use the appropriate tools to detect and counter it.

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