Superfriends – The Power of the product management and User Experience

An evening for UX and product people

We invite UX and product people to our special event “Superfriends – the power of product management and user experience” with Christian Crumlish. He will introduce his recently published book by Rosenfeld Media on “Product Management for UX people”. A new essential from a leading product- and UX- leadership expert. Join the event, learn and build bridges between UX and product people to jointly push forward product development in our daily work.

The evening is co-hosted by SwissICT Fachgruppe User Experience and UX Schweiz. The event is also part of the World Interaction Design Day focussing this year on Fundamentals and Perspectives.

Superfriends – the power of product management and user experience
Most teams today are struggling with the overlap between UX and PM. Even teams with strong leadership alignment find they need to spend time and energy working through unspoken assumptions, accidents of history, quirks of individual personalities, and other legacy baggage.

Is it really possible to get user experience and product management pulling on the same oars together or are the two adjacent practices doomed to talk past each other till a new paradigm sweeps them both aside?

The good news is that product and UX can indeed learn to fuse their disciplines into a lens that focuses the team like a laser on the needs of the customer and the essential factors that make a business sustainable.

In SUPERFRIENDS, Christian Crumlish (author of *Product Management for UX People: From Designing to Thriving in a Product World*) will lay out the sometimes ugly reality and unfinished business of sorting out product vs. design turf. He’ll lay out a framework for evaluating the practices and proficiencies unique to and shared by each discipline, and provide practical tips and exercises that can help enable individual teams to find their most productive paths forward.


Christian Crumlish is a product and UX leadership consultant at Design in Product, where he also hosts a product/UX community. He was recently appointed by the governor of California to the state’s Office of Data and Innovation, after completing a multi-year consulting contract leading product management of the website.

He has been a startup advisor at Code for America and StartX. Formerly, he was VP Product at 7 Cups, winner of the 2016 Stanford Medicine X Prize for health systems design and a 2019 World Economic Forum Pioneer. He was also senior director of product at CloudOn (sold to DropBox), director of messaging products for AOL (AIM), and the last curator of the Yahoo design pattern library. He is the author of the bestselling Product Management for UX People: From Designing to Thriving in a Product World, and co-author of Designing Social Interfaces.


18:00 – 18:30 Check-In & Networking (5. Stock)
18:30 – 20:00 Keynote & paneldiscussion
20:00 – 21:30 Apéro & Networking


Moderatorenteam der Fachgruppe UX swissICT & Geschäftsstelle swissICT (Carol Lechner)

Anmeldung bis 02.10.2022

Carol Lechner, Geschäftsstelle swissICT:

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Was: Superfriends – The Power of the product management and User Experience
Wann: Mo, 03.10.2022 18:00 - 21:30 Uhr
Stadt: Zürich

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